Marc Kurzman

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Marc Kurzman

Marc G. Kurzman is a litigator with 35+ years experience trying cases in state and federal courts. A graduate of New York University Law School, he wins over 85% of his trials; with an even higher success rate negotiating satisfactory outcomes.

He is admitted to practice in Minnesota, Florida and New York. His clients have included lawyers, physicians, teachers, child care and foster care providers, victims of abuse and victims of false allegations of abuse, law enforcement officers, legislators, business owners and other professionals.

Marc has also been an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, a lecturer at Continuing Education Programs in Minnesota and numerous other states, a Patent Attorney and a Pharmacist. His practice emphasis is business-employment-harassment related litigation and planning, criminal defense and family law.

Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Defense; General
  • Employment Litigation
  • General Litigation

Judges Comments

"Mr. Kurzman's experience as an attorney includes both criminal and civil practice and significant jury trial experience. I was impressed with his preparedness, abilities, civility, ethics, and his knowledge."
-Anoka County District Court Judge, Tenth Judicial District

"I have found his legal acumen, compassion, dedication and reputation to be beyond reproach...I have observed such qualities to be uniquely admirable in Mr. Kurzman, and unsurpassed by others."
-Hennepin County District Court, Fourth Judicial District

Mr. Kurzman exhibits the highest degree of moral character and fitness expected of attorneys admitted to practice law."
-United States District Court Judge, District of Minnesota

"Marc has the ability to think on his feet, and can argue a legal issue with clarity. He has a firm knowledge of the law and takes seriously the necessity of staying current with ever-changing case law. He is bright, hardworking and dedicated...Marc's character reflects his high level of morals and values expected as a judicial officer and as a role model the court system."
-Hennepin County District Court, Fourth Judicial District

"Mr. Kurzman has appeared before me on numerous occasions...He is always thoroughly prepared and is an extremely effective advocate. Mr. Kurzman's moral character is of the highest caliber. He is highly regarded in the legal community."

"Mr. Kurzman...has at all times been an effective advocate for his clients...Mr. Kurzman is an experienced trial attorney who is respected by his colleagues and members of the bench."
-Ramsey County District Court, Second Judicial District

"I have had the good fortune to have Mr. Kurzman appear in my court on numerous occasions. He has always represented his clients with the very highest level of professionalism. He is a vigorous advocate for his clients. He is a very skilled lawyer with impeccable ethical standards and a commensurate work ethic."
-Dakota County District Court Judge, First Judicial District

"Marc Kurzman is an outstanding trial lawyer with a long and enviable record of outstanding advocacy on behalf of his clients...a person of the highest moral character and is a solid, ethical practitioner."
-United States District Court Judge, District of Minnesota

"He has done both civil and criminal cases...He was very skilled in his negotiations...His legal skills were excellent.."
-Hennepin County District Court, Fourth Judicial District

"Mr. without doubt an able and competent lawyer who works diligently on behalf of his clients, knows both the procedural and substantive law, argues forcefully his clients' causes in court, and is widely known to be an effective, creative, hard-working lawyer."
-Hennepin County District Court Judge, Fourth Judicial District